Tips For Selecting a Lawn Care Professional In San Mateo County

It can be tough, time consuming work to take care of your San Mateo County lawn. Some people just don’t have the time for it. In fact, almost twenty percent of all San Mateo County homes are serviced by professional lawn care contractors. San Mateo County Lawn contractors typically take their jobs very seriously and […]

Why Hire a Landscaping Contractor

There are many factors that may lead you to believe you need to hire a landscaping contractor. As a general rule, if your project will require the use of any machinery, you are not comfortable using, hire a professional landscaping contractor. Many projects will require large amounts of land to be moved or trees to […]

Landscaping Is So Much More Than Lawn Care!

One of the first things that people notice about your home is its front lawn. So naturally you’ll want this view to be as beautiful and welcoming as it can be. The problem for some of us is that we just don’t know where to begin. Isn’t a well-maintained lawn enough to make an impression? […]

Importance Of Landscaping When It Comes To Selling A Home

You’re about to sell your home and you think you’ve covered all of the bases. You’ve had the termite inspection completed. You’ve updated the old appliances. You made sure to check the house for any damage because you’d rather find it yourself than have it pointed out by potential home buyers. You even went through […]

The Benefits of Landscaping From Start to Finish

Landscaping has many benefits and the right layout can really draw a lot of positive attention. Different configurations and pieces allow someone to express themselves by using their lawn as a canvas. The finest piece of landscaping accessory is the bridge. Although the bridge itself is an accent to the landscape, it can also showcase […]

Frontyard Landscaping

Landscaping is not the reserved area of the backyard. The front of your home can also greatly benefit from a garden makeover! Design Ideas For Your Front Yard The front yard is your home’s first chance to make visitors feel welcome and convey your personality. If you are unsure whether the front of your house […]

Landscaping On A Hill in the Bay Area

Your home landscaping design can be often overwhelming and challenging for most people. This can be especially true when your yard is a steep hill. If this describes your own backyard, then you need to realize that there are landscaping choices for you if you are ready to put in extra time and effort. Do […]

Eight Designer Landscape Styles

The best landscape designs are the ones that have been carefully thought out with attention paid to the details. Before planning a landscape it is important to decide what style would best fit your home and lifestyle. One of the most important things in landscape design is to work with what you have. For example, […]

3 Hillside Landscaping Tips For A Beautiful Garden

Hillside landscaping is considered one of the challenging jobs by landscape designers. the simple reason for this is the problem of soil erosion and inability to hold water that is necessary for healthy growth of plants. Before we dig into the possibilities of creating a hillside landscape I want to bring to your attention a […]

How To Hire A Lawn Maintenance Company

When money is no object, time sometimes is, and a professional lawn service in San Mateo County will take care of many of the time consuming chores of landscape maintenance. With professional help taking care of fertilizing and weeding the lawn, protecting it from insect damage, and sometimes even mowing the grass, home gardeners are […]

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