San Mateo Concrete Work

San Mateo Concrete WorkWhen you need any concrete additions, constructions, or repairs, you can depend on the San Mateo landscaping contractors at Skyline Landscapes, Inc. to provide you with quality work that you can depend on. Our contractors provide high-end landscaping and hardscaping services that help extend your living spaces to the outdoors, and our concrete work can help you create the perfect environment for your home's exterior.

All of our professional landscapers are licensed, trained, and experienced, so we can always guarantee high quality workmanship and professional customer service. Whether you need a brand new concrete construction or you need repairs for an existing concrete structure, we can take care of the job promptly and professionally.

Concrete Driveways

The first step to creating the perfect concrete driveway is creating a design. Our professionals will work with you to design a driveway that's perfect for your home, your needs, and your uses for the space. For instance, a circled driveway can allow you to easily face the road each time you're exiting, which is especially convenient if you live near a blind corner, where oncoming traffic can be hazardous. On the other hand, and basic driveway will encroach less on your landscape, and may be a better option for some homeowners in San Mateo.

We'll also consider the shape of land that we'll be building the driveway on. If you live on a hill, for example, we'll make sure that the contour isn't so steep that it will bottom out your vehicle. We'll also pay careful attention to the drainage so that your landscape doesn't wind up with excess soil erosion after the driveway is installed.

Concrete Patios

Concrete is an extremely versatile material, and it's a perfect choice of material for a new patio. Before it has hardened, concrete is very malleable, so it can be shaped into any design, which allows for what is called "stamped concrete".

Stamped concrete will add a modern appearance and distinguished design to your San Mateo home's patio. The design will be totally customized and tailored to your tastes and your home's design. We can also wax, polish, or stain the concrete to enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Retaining Walls

If you have an unwanted slope at any point in your San Mateo home's landscape, retaining walls can be a great way to get rid of them, and they can be used to beautiful effect. our landscape and hardscape designers can help you find the perfect balance between aesthetic enhancement and functionality when we design your concrete retaining walls. We'll find creative ways to turn these necessities into an integral part of your landscape design.

If you're looking for concrete work in San Mateo, call Skyline Landscapes, Inc. at 650-368-7400, or fill out our online request form.