Landscaping On A Hill in the Bay Area

backyardYour home landscaping design can be often overwhelming and challenging for most people. This can be especially true when your yard is a steep hill. If this describes your own backyard, then you need to realize that there are landscaping choices for you if you are ready to put in extra time and effort. Do not let this area scare you off. You can make it into a beautiful part of your home.


The first thing that you need to do in your hillside landscaping adventure is prepare the area. Remove and clear any growth or debris to make sure that you have the room and space for your landscaping design and ideas.

The Problem of Erosion

To help reduce the erosion of your hillside, you want to cover your ground using heavy mulch and plant shrubs. Mulch can insulate your plants during the cold weather and it can help keep them from sprouting too quickly when the warm air comes in.

Keeping a good moisture level is also a priority in making your landscaping area flourish. This is especially a problem with a hillside garden, because the ground has a hard time retaining water on the steep slope.

Making a Beautiful Entrance

Color is the key to making your hillside into a masterpiece. Make sure that your hill is visually appealing and noticeable even from a distance. This will give the people passing by your area a beautiful area to look at and dream about.

A Touch of Creativity

An easy way to get your friends and family members attention is to bring a touch of your personality and interests to your landscaping design. Try to bring a touch of fun to your landscaping area by adding your personality and items that you love.

Retaining Walls

If your landscaping area is mostly hillside, then you may want to consider building a retaining wall. This will add a stylish area for you to use different kinds of materials. You need to make sure that you get the right materials and ask for help if you need it to install the retaining wall. With some effort and time, you can make a retaining wall to give your hillside added style and attractiveness.

By using your imagination and giving it some time, you can make any hill a beautiful place for your friends and family to enjoy. It can give your home added value, too.

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