Portola Valley Lawn Maintenance

Trees and lawn near a small pondThe lawn is the designated area for recreational activities as well as aesthetics. Usually, there are plants that are included in its landscape to improve the overall look of the lawn. The following are the basic characteristics of the plants so that you will be well versed in the process of Portola Valley lawn maintenance:

  • Plants in a common lawn landscape are typically from the grass species.
  • The lawn should usually be subjected to pest and weed control.
  • All practices and procedures done are aimed at maintaining the lawn’s green color.
  • The lawn should be kept in such a way that it is maintained at an acceptable length.

Portola Valley lawn maintenance is actually a simple process. You should ensure that all of the above given conditions are kept and maintained at all times. It is also important to take note that setting up  certain elements like a decorative well or an ornamental meadow can also be integrated into the lawn. But the efforts when it comes to Portola Valley lawn maintenance usually center its focus on the turf, field, green, and pitch.

Typical Care and Maintenance Procedures

Any lawn would need a certain amount of maintenance so that it will remain attractive and presentable. Among the common lawn maintenance procedures are the following:

Planting and seeding: This is the least expensive maintenance procedure. This helps assure you that you’ll have a more evergreen lawn in the long run. You should take note, however, that it might take time before you can actually establish the lawn. And in order to assure a high success rate in the planting process, you should aerate the ground before planting or seeding.

Application of fertilizers and other related chemicals: In order to keep the grass on the lawn healthy and protected, you should regularly apply fertilizers and pesticides. There are two popular fertilizers that you can choose from – organic and inorganic. There are also time-release and instant fertilizers. On the other hand, pesticides have different specializations. But make sure to use these in moderate amounts to make sure that the lawn maintenance efforts will be effective.

Mowing: This procedure is often taken for granted. But this has a major effect on the over-all appearance of the lawn. Mowing can help keep the quality of the turf in terms of density, aesthetic, and uniformity. It can easily be overlooked because it is the most repeated and the most time consuming procedure. Therefore, due care should be done in terms of execution.

These Portola Valley lawn maintenance procedures are just some of the many things that can be done to keep and improve your lawn.