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Frontyard Landscaping

Frontyard landscaping

Landscaping is not the reserved area of the backyard. The front of your home can also greatly benefit from a garden makeover!

Design Ideas For Your Front Yard

The front yard is your home’s first chance to make visitors feel welcome and convey your personality. If you are unsure whether the front of your house is as inviting as you’d like it to be then you should consider how you can enhance its appearance.

Jazz Up Your Front Garden

You can give your home a more welcoming look by adding flowers to the front garden: whether in flowerbeds or lining the walkway to your home, vibrant flowers will be a pleasure for the eye. They will enhance your visitors first impression of you and your home.

The Power Of Trees

You can use trees and bushes to line your home’s porch or front garden to great effect. You should always maintain them properly to keep them neat, and can use fruit trees and dogwoods for their beauty and relaxing fragrances. You may, however, want to avoid planting trees that lose their leaves near pathways as they could become rather slippery in the fall.

Spruce Up Your Porch

Depending on the size of your porch you can add various pieces of furniture such as benches and rockers to enhance the feel of warmth and comfort. You can also increase its appeal with plants of various colors and sizes, and even train decorative climbers to accentuate railings and arches.

Curb Appeal

Don’t forget to pay attention to the walkways, and ensure they are rubble-free, in good state of repair and clean. This will make your sidewalk more appealing and safer, too. Be creative with the materials used, such as ornamental boulders or concrete as a main feature.

Water Features

Adding a pond or small fountain can enhance the sense of calm, but make sure your plans are not over ambitious as the result could be overpowering. You can also brick or stones to add even more interest to the feature.

Keep It Simple

This is probably the best piece of advice to follow when it comes to landscaping your front yard. Avoid messy and over-complicated settings: if you keep it neat and trim you will enjoy walking up to your front door, regardless of your chosen decorative scheme.

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