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Landscaping Project In Menlo Park, CA

Landscaping project in menlo park ca

Check out the Menlo Park landscaping work done today. It may seem that the grass looks dead, some of it is. That is why we put fertilizer and mulch on it to rejuvenate it and have it grow into a beautiful green color.

A combination of the thresher, fertilizer, and mulch, was used in order to rejuvenate the grass. In the back of the house, the old grass was cultivated with mulch and leveled in order to install the new grass. We are construction, landscaping, maintenance, electricians... Plain and simple, we get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Take note if your grass is dying:

  1. Till it
  2. Fertilize it
  3. Mulch it
  4. Water it for 30-45 minutes

Do this for a week or two, then go and play on your beautiful green lawn.

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